Video surveillance

Video surveillance has become the indispensable tool to reinforce the security of infrastructures and people. Essentially composed of a set of cameras to monitor, locally or remotely, closed or open areas, video surveillance dissuades and prevents any malicious act.

The main components of the solution are: cameras, recording devices, means of transmission, visualisation systems and intelligent and analytic solutions.

A quality video surveillance system must ensure that each component of the solution is properly adapted to the needs and to the environment.


  • The cameras must provide a quality image under any lighting conditions: high contrast, low light, back-light, fog…
  • The image resolution must be adapted to the details that need to be watched: overall view or recognition of people or vehicles.
  • The management of the cameras, recordings and the whole video system can be conceived with different levels of performance, response and fault tolerance adapted to each criticality level of application of the system.
  • The means of transmission of the video must be optimised and adapted to the location of the cameras. The transmission can therefore be wireless or be done through copper or optical fibre cables. Transmission distances can range from a few meters to hundreds of kilometres.
  • Outdoor equipment must be adapted to the environment: hostile environment, marine environment, explosive environment, extreme temperatures and humidity.
  • In order to have a system that helps detect the risks, video surveillance systems must integrate automatic image processing software. This way the system becomes “intelligent” and reacts automatically to the risks and threats of the environment under observation.

A well designed video surveillance system must take into account all these parameters. Waycon, thanks to its extensive expertise regarding these different components, will help you to set up the most efficient system, the best adapted to your needs.

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