Solutions for transport

With an increasing number of vehicles circulating on the roads and in the cities, we are often faced with problems related to traffic, parking and road hazards. It is essential to set up a solution that will enable to improve the flow and the security of the traffic.

Generally speaking, a solution for transport is composed of sensors, display devices (traffic lights, dynamic display) and automats that manage these components. This material, once connected to a network and centralized, enable a much more optimal management of the traffic through ITS solutions (Intelligent Transportation System).

The types of sensors used are becoming more and more sophisticated and can go so far as the use of cameras with automatic image analysis.

An efficient transport solution must ensure a better flow of the traffic in the city as well as inside and around car parks. This involves:

  • The management of the connected traffic lights
  • The management of the variable dynamic display
  • The management of the Automated Number Plate Recognition system (ANPR)
  • The management of the automatic radars for speeding and running red lights
  • The automatic management of paid parking lots
  • The localisation and display of the number of free parking spaces
  • Localisation of the cars wanted by the police

With its proven experience in the installation of solutions dedicated to transport, Waycon offers safe and practical solutions that provide a better flow of the traffic, even in the most complex conditions (special event, rush hour, badly parked cars…).

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