Time management

In order to improve the productivity of a company it is essential to optimize the attendance time management and working schedules.

The installation of an attendance time management system for a company will allow to:

  • Operate a real-time follow-up of the staff attendance
  • Organise the work schedules and scheduling of vacations
  • Calculate overtime work
  • Encourage the employees to keep to the work schedules and to be punctual

Generally speaking, an attendance time management system consists essentially of time and attendance reader or swipe card readers and software, all of which must be able to interact with other applications such as wage management.

The head of Human Resources will therefore be able to:

  • Determine the profile of the employees in terms of working hours (night shift/day shift/part-time…)
  • Determine the rest days and the public holidays
  • Process the leave requests
  • Display the vacation leave schedules
  • Have a real-time listing of the present and absent employees

Each company has its own policy for time an attendance management, resulting from the strategy and history of the company. Waycon, with over 15 years of experience in the field, offers totally adjustable solutions adapted to each particular policy.

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