Securing a site can be done by various technologies (video surveillance, access control, anti-intrusion alarm…), each offering advantages and disadvantages. These technologies are often used independently which complicates their management, reducing the effectiveness of each one.

In order to ensure the efficiency of all the integrated security solutions on a site, it has now become necessary to set up a system that centralizes all the data from the various security subsystems on a single platform. This way the systems become complementary and the weaknesses of a subsystem are compensated by the strengths of another component, which gives a powerful and efficient security installation.

This is usually done by the installation of a supervision room that, in real time, provides the users with a complete view of all the security systems installed in several sites, which allows to manage efficiently the various flows of information in order to take the right decisions at the right moment.

The setting up of this platform must comply with a number of criteria. It must:

  • Be scalable and modular
  • Withstand an intensive use of its components
  • Be user-friendly
  • Be secure
  • Integrate a large number of components of different brands

Specialized in security solutions for over 15 years, Waycon offers its clients an array of security solutions that can be integrated simultaneously for a better efficiency, all of which can be managed remotely from a unique platform. To this end, we set up modular and scalable control rooms equipped with the latest technologies, adapted for intensive use.

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