Cities, traffic and public venues

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In the cities and public venues, local authorities often face a great number of problems they need to manage in the best possible way.

The current situation concerns:

  • Acts of incivism observed against public property and towards others
  • Suspicious and unlawful behaviour as well as the detection of persons and vehicles wanted by the police
  • Concentration of the population and heavy traffic in the cities and suburbs
  • Unauthorised parking and unofficial car parks
  • Traffic violations

Constantly in search of the latest technologies, Waycon assists cities with the installation of their security systems so as to meet the challenges they face.

In order to do so, an efficient security system must:

  • Insure the security of people and infrastructures via the installation of surveillance cameras strategically located in the city
  • Optimise transport flows
  • Signal traffic violations
  • Monitor in real time the movements of suspicious persons
  • Detect questionable behaviour
  • Locate wanted persons through video analysis
  • As a precautionary measure and in advance of demonstrations, analyse the area to identify the possible flaws
  • Integrate automatic management solutions for the city to prepare for the smart city concept

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