On board solutions for transports


On board solutions for transport are being increasingly used in number of activities both in the public and private sectors.

These solutions are the answer to the requirements for the safety of people and property in transport. Waycon offers its clients on board solutions for the management of the videos in all means of transport (car, bus, underground, van, lorry…) which allow remote recording and visualization of video in real time. This way, thanks to a leading-edge technology in geolocation, Waycon’s solutions enable for example to determine the exact location of a vehicle and track its movements, thus ensuring the security and safety of the people and goods.

Generally speaking, the security system of industrial sites must meet specific needs in terms of control and security.

These sites usually dispose of large areas requiring a wide coverage and an optimization of the equipment in order to secure the entire perimeter of the site.

With over 10 years of experience, Waycon developed a high-level expertise, partly due to the major projects it carried out, and thanks to this mastery Waycon offers its clients optimal solutions designed to measure up to the most complex environments.

These solutions will allow to:

  • Cover the entire perimeter of the site and its surroundings
  • Control people and vehicles entering the site and make sure they do not constitute a threat
  • Prevent thefts and intrusion
  • Make sure the alarms, sensors and video recorders are operating properly
  • Ensure continuous and centralised surveillance

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