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In times like these, the security of a state starts with the security of its strategic locations that is: borders, coasts, military bases and police centres. The protection of these locations is of major importance for the security of a country.

In order to actively fight against terrorist groups and illicit trafficking, it is important to set up a secure and reliable security system that will enable to reduce as much as possible the risks of illegal border crossings, entering territorial waters, or attacks against sites under national security.

In this case, the setting up of a reinforced security system is essential in order to fight crime.

An efficient system will therefore need to:

  • Provide a higher level of monitoring allowing to detect the slightest movement, within a large perimeter and in total darkness.
  • Use powerful deterrents
  • Provide an unfailing efficiency with a maximum autonomy
  • Ensure the automatic control of suspects and vehicles by the use of face recognition and Automated Number Plate Recognition system
  • Ensure an efficient screening and access control by using physical barriers and inspection devices

With a wealth of experience behind it, in the installation of security systems, Waycon developed a real expertise in the security of hot spots, usually isolated.

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