Our solutions for retail and distribution


Retail is a business sector where the demand as regards security is always increasing.

To increase the profitability of the stores, retailers express some varied and quite complex needs that go beyond the standard security camera to be on the lookout for potential malicious acts.

Waycon offers smart decision support tools that can provide real-time information about the customers’ passage in the store, the length of the queues, the localization of the staff inside the store, the state of the stocks…

Apart from these functionalities, Waycon offers its clients multiple solutions and services for retail and distribution that will help them improve their efficiency and performance.

These solutions will enable to:

  • Ensure the protection of the clients and staff
  • Control the people at the entrance of the store
  • Prevent thefts and intrusion
  • Control the access of people and vehicles to the warehouse
  • Manage the rounds of the guards
  • Make sure the alarms, the sensors and the video recorders are functioning properly
  • Ensure a continuous and centralised monitoring

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