Cultural sites and special events

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The management of the special events security and that of cultural sites is a complex task that requires a great expertise and the interaction between various security systems.

These locations usually host a large number of people and might not be initially designed to host such events.

In order to ensure the people’s security and avoid damage to the infrastructure, and of the objects on display as regards museums, during the gatherings in vast extended areas with multiple access points, it is important to set up a security system that will allow:

  • Site monitoring and detection of suspicious behaviour
  • To control the validation of the tickets and avoid the risk of fraud
  • To minimize the waiting time of the visitors
  • To manage the crowd flows
  • To manage the car parks
  • Inspection of the people at the entrance
  • To ensure surveillance by guards’ rounds

With over 10 years of experience in the management of security for sites hosting a large number of visitors, Waycon offers its clients modular solutions to meet the most complex needs, thereby ensuring the security of people and goods.

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