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Waycon has developed a real expertise with regard to the needs and specific requirements of the banking sector, in particular as regards security.

The security system is the central core in the risk management of a bank especially since, because of the nature of its activity, it is a potential target for malicious people and impostors. That is why it is important to comply with the standards in place and also to meet the stringent conditions but also the evolving needs of the bank. In order to protect the personnel of the bank, its clients and also the stored goods, a security system must be efficient:

  • By avoiding thefts and robberies,
  • By apprehending the attempts of intrusion,
  • By spotting the fraud at the cash dispensers,
  • By screening the persons entering the bank’s head-office and make sure they do not constitute a threat,
  • By making sure that the alarms, the detectors and the video recorders are working properly,
  • By ensuring a permanent and centralized surveillance,
  • By using high reliability components to fit the performance level required in a bank
  • By ensuring the management and the client’s claims

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