Intercom and audio signalling

In case of an emergency, it is essential to have reliable means of communication in order to guarantee the responsiveness of the people who must intervene. Since it is often used to report an incident or evacuate people, it is important to acquire quality equipment to ensure an effective communication between the interlocutors.

Emergency intercom can usually be found in lifts, car parks, supervision rooms, emergency call boxes on the highway, power stations…

An effective Intercom security system must:

  • Be rugged and imperatively work in case of emergency
  • Be easy to use
  • Make group calls
  • Be adapted to the most challenging environments
  • Be perfectly integrated to the communication platform of the company
  • Be able to be deployed extensively

With a wealth of experience over the last 10 years, Waycon provides its clients with quality communication solutions.

Based on an IP system, Waycon’s Intercom and audio signaling solutions are scalable and can be coupled with other security systems such as access control or video surveillance.

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