Inspection devices

At a time of growing insecurity related to terrorism, it is increasingly common to put in place control procedures for people and goods through inspection devices at the entrance of buildings and structures that are usually very busy and can be targeted by acts of terrorism.

In order to avoid and limit malicious acts, inspection devices are placed at the entrances of the buildings to control people, their bags and luggage and limit access to people who do not represent any threat.

Various means are put in place so as not to let through dangerous objects like weapons, explosives knifes and blunt objects:

  • Metal detection gates
  • Hand held metal detectors (magnetometer)
  • X-ray scanner
  • Explosive detectors
  • Face detection systems

All these devices must allow for an efficient screening of all the people entering a building by detecting any object which could threaten the security of the people.

Choosing the appropriate equipment is conditioned by the very nature of the company’s activity. Therefore, in order to meet its clients’ requirements, Waycon uses all its expertise to minimise the danger related to the security of the building by installing all the necessary devices to prevent any transgression.

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