Management of the guards’ rounds and tracking

In order to be efficient, the security staff of these sites must carry out constant rounds in the various sensitive areas of the site. Unfortunately, it is difficult to check that these rounds are carried out correctly throughout the day and the night.

It is in fact difficult to be sure that the rounds and the controls are systematically carried out by the security guards according to plan.

A system for the management of the rounds is composed of a portable reader, a set of tags and software for the management of the rounds.

The guard, when carrying out his rounds, will have to present his portable reader to all the tags placed all along the route he has to follow.

The pre-defined tour can be configured to insure that the rounds are going smoothly, like for example: defining a minimum and a maximum time in which the guard must take to go from one point to the next.

An efficient system for the management of the rounds must:

  • Define the different scenarios for the rounds that the guard must make
  • Make sure that the guards make the rounds in accordance with the pre-established scenarios by passing through all the indicated areas
  • Allow for several simultaneous rounds
  • Record the events for every round
  • Display the history of the rounds
  • Track in real time the round carried out by the guards
  • Display an overview of the route with the location of the different tags

In order to meet the evolving needs of the companies regarding safety and security, Waycon offers its clients an efficient and reliable system for the management of the rounds and tracking, that ensures the safety of the building as well as that of the guards.

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