Fire safety

The objective of an efficient fire safety system is to detect and alert in case of fire. The challenge for a reliable installation is to be able to detect as early as possible the start of a fire and activate the appropriate reaction. Indeed, time is the key factor to avoid the disasters that can result from a fire for the lives of people in the building as well as for the merchandise.

A fire detection system is mainly composed of a programming unit, detectors (smoke, heat, flame), a signalling system (sound and/or visual), extinguishers (hand-held/automatic)…

The choice of an efficient fire safety system will depend upon a number of constraints depending on the architecture of the building and the nature of the activity of the company, and will allow to:

  • Cover and secure the entire surface of the building
  • Detect in time smoke, gas or flooding
  • Activate the automatic devices that will protect people and goods such as blocking or unblocking the fire doors, setting off the automatic fire-extinguishing system, setting off the smoke extraction system, blocking the lifts…
  • Minimise false alarms
  • Alert the occupants in order to evacuate them as quickly as possible

With over 10 years of expertise in the fire safety field, Waycon offers its clients all its competence to answer their needs and provide them with secure solutions that take into account the constraints related to the location of the building to protect.

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