Building Management System

In large buildings we generally record a high energy consumption and the management of technical equipment such as air conditioning and heating, lighting, lifts transformers, etc. is usually complex

In fact, in a complex environment, we are often powerless against the wastage of energy resources.

The BMS, which is used to simplify the management of large and complex buildings while optimizing energy consumption, allows to manage the different components of the solution via a centralized system.

A Building Management System is usually composed of sensors, programmable logic controllers, actuators and a centralizing software.

The installation of a Building Management System will enable to have an overview of the condition of the various facilities while optimizing energy consumption in the buildings, and will therefore allow to:

  • Check that the equipment is functioning properly (running time/number of breakdowns…)
  • Display various measurements such as temperature, the number of operational hours for a machine…
  • Program the lighting inside and outside the buildings
  • Maintain the ambient temperature at a pre-determined value (heating/ ventilation/ air conditioning).

Always providing its clients with state-of-the-art equipment, Waycon attaches utmost importance to searching ways of facilitating and simplifying the building management and adapting to the existing systems.

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