Surveillance of items

In stores, the use of a surveillance system is not enough to limit the theft of items. It is increasingly common that thieves detect the flaws of the security system and find a way to steal objects.

To counter the development of theft techniques which are becoming more and more elaborate, new security products are made with cutting-edge technologies such as rigid or adhesive anti-theft tags, anti-theft stands for telephones or tablets, cable locks for PC…

The choice of the anti-theft system depends on the type of product to secure, based on its size and whether or not it is easily accessible for the client.

In distribution, in order to secure the items even more, anti-theft systems must:

  • Be adaptable
  • Fulfil the toughest security requirements
  • Be inviolable
  • Be robust

Always on the look-out for the latest technologies, Waycon makes a point of honour of offering its clients the latest innovations in terms of anti-theft. It is now possible to integrate an alarm to the anti-theft case to alert the store staff of an attempted theft.