Access control

Whether it is stand-alone or centralized, the access control allows the management of the comings and goings of the premises allowing to minimise the risks related to unauthorised access.

It consists of a platform that will enable to define and determine the right of access to the company by limiting the access in terms of zones and timetable.

Depending on the objectives and needs of the company, there are different methods for the identification of people that need to enter the building, such as biometric readers, proximity (or RFID) readers, keypads readers, face recognition…

Often associated to other security systems (intrusion/video surveillance…), access control allows controlling the flow of people extraneous to the company to allow for the recording of passage and the activation of the alarms.

An access control system will therefore enable:

  • To define the various profiles of people who will be permitted to access the building and its different areas.
  • To produce reports.
  • To manage access using different types of physical barriers: doors, turnstiles, lifts, vehicle barriers.
  • To manage access alarms: door remained open, violation of a physical barrier, access of unauthorised persons.
  • Manage visitors and their right of access, and possibly schedule of visits.

Waycon’s access control solutions consist of an array of products, all as efficient as innovative, selected to best meet the needs and expectations of its clients.

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